Class that are available during the Age of Reason timeline are:

Core Classes

Bard Cleric Fighter (Soldier or Mercenary) Monk Rogue Sniper (Ranger) Sorcerer Wizard

Base Classes

Alchemist Oracle Summoner

Prestige classes will vary based on DM permissions.

Arcane casting classes are limited to races from Chalybs.

All classes, except for Monks gain weapon proficiency in pistols, fighters gain proficiency in rifles, heavy weapons and artillery, Snipers gain proficiency in rifles and can use scopes.

Snipers (Rangers) lose the Spellcraft as a skill and access to all spell casting. In place of spell casting the Sniper gains the use of animal companion progression equal to the Druid class.

Fighters replace Armor training with Tactical Maneuver, which gives the fighter +1 to AC when he is within 30 ft of any party member. This ability also grants party members a +1 AC bonus as long as they are within 30 ft of the fighter. Every four levels thereafter (7th, 11th, and 15th), these bonuses increase by +1 each time.

The fighter’s Weapons Training has been updated by removing all types of weapons and expanse the firearm listing to each type being its own category. So one listing for pistols, rifles, heavy weapons, and artillery.

Gun damage is increased based on class BAB progression. When you get a BAB point you increase your guns damage by one point.

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